Sunday, 18 December 2011

Mwanza - Bukoba

Dear Sir or Madam
- who may read this mail

We are ready to January 20, 2012 from Mwanza to Bukoba, may I ask, that day boat to Bukoba it?

Sailing times and fares?

Thanks for your attention.




Dear Shaohui,

Thanks a lot for your mail to Mwanza's Q&A

The ferry - MV Victoria (photo) - is sailing from Mwanza to Bukoba and return as follows:

Departures from Mwanza:
Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00 PM (21:00)

Departures from Bukoba:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:00 PM (21:00)

Fares (one way):
1st class cabin 30,600/= THS
2nd class sleeping 20,600/= TSH
2nd sitting 17,100/= THS
3rd class 15,600/= THS

Duration: 11 - 12 hours.

For your comfort - please book a cabin at 1st class (30,600/= TSH/20 US$ per head). You will have a kind of privacy - plus a lock on the door. From the inside of the cabin.

The ferry MV Victoria has a nice bar and a restaurant - serving decent food such as fish (Tilapia and Nile Perch) together with chips and/or rice.


Hans Kristoffersen


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Visa to Tanzania (from Pakistan)

Hi Mwanza's Q&A

I like to know how can i enter Tanzania (Dar es Salaam) from Pakistan. This is my first time leaving from Pakistan, so what is procedure to get visa for Tanzania.

Can I get visa on entry on airport and how much it cost me from Pakistan to Dar.

Also give some extra info about staying in nice cheap hotels.

Thank You for your help



Dear Ahmad,

Thanks a lot for your mail to Mwanza’s Q&A.

We can inform you, that the fare for an airline ticket (return - AND at the very moment) by Emirates Airlines from Karachi, Quaid-E-Azam International Airport, Pakistan to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania will be about US$ 850.

How to get - and visa formalities: Please visit our website’s ‘Visa and Formalities’ page at:

Please apply for your VISA to Tanzania (BEFORE leaving Pakistan) - at the Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania in Saudi Arabia. Find all information concerning from the link above.

Places to stay in Tanzania - please take a look at our website:

However - you can find guesthouses with rates as low as US$1 per night all over Tanzania.


Hans Kristoffersen
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