Thursday, 5 August 2010

Visit in a fisherman's village

Hello, Mwanza's Q&A.

I saw your web page and wanted to ask you some.

I am planning to visit to Mwanza and now am seeking the fisherman's village where it is possible to stay or going along their fishing.

I know this must be quite difficult but, I am deeply interested in and want to know their fishing culture. If you now a guide who knows such a information or a study tour programme such like that, please give me the information.

I am waiting your reply.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Best Regards

Shinichi Taguchi From Japan

Our comments:

Dear Shinichi,

Thanks for your mail to Mwanza Guide's Q&A - your interest in fishing and the people behind.

To visit and be a part in the work in a remote fishing village is probably not possible. First of all - almost no one is speaking English out there and I think you will be a disturbance to the fishermen.

However - I have an idea for you.

A small project out in a fishing village called Mwaburugu Village at Speke Bay Golf - is open for tourists and researchers.

Take a look at the village project here:

The village is located near Serengeti Stop Over Lodge, where you can find relatively affordable accommodation, but also Speke Bay Lodge - a top end lodge direct at the lake shore.

We can help you with the accommodation - bookings and so on.

The village is quite far from Mwanza (about 135 km), but the bus to Musoma stops at the door step to the lodge. The bus fares are low in Tanzania.

I think the idea of going to the village project is the best – they are nice people at JS Paradise (I have been there myself) and they are speaking English very well. You can go on the lake in an original canoe and fish with traditional fishing gear, meet a traditional Sukuma healer - and learn about the daily life in an ordinary fishing village.

If you need further - please mail us again.


Hans Kristoffersen
Mwanza Guide ‘online’