Thursday, 28 January 2010

Nyegezi and Pasiansi - how far from Mwanza?

Habari za asubuhi.

I am returning to the Mwanza area soon and am trying to place some villages and their relative distances. Are you able to assist please?

I have friends in Pasiansi Ndama and Ndofe and I am going to be working in a place near Nyegezi (I think) called Shadi or maybe Sweya. I have no idea how far away these places are say from Mwanza centre or in which direction they are !!

Asante sana



Dear Carol!

Thank you very much for mailing us.

Pasiansi is located on airport road about 7 km from city centre, and about 4 km from the Mwanza airport.

Also Sweya area of Nyegezi is located at Kenyatta road, highway to Shinyanga, it's 15km from Mwanza City centre.

It's all for the moment, once again you are welcome to Mwanza the Capital of Sukuma Land.




Dear Carol,

Thanks for mailing us. As for the maps - I don't think you can buy a map with those fine details (yet).

However - try 'Google Maps and Street View'. Type: Pasiansi, Mwanza in the search box, enter and Google Maps will find Pasiansi in no time.

When you have the map open - you can scroll (with the pointer 'hand') south/east and find Nyegezi.

Mr. Joseph is correct about the distance, but your two villages are in a different direction to each other - with Mwanza City in between.

Take a look at the map of Mwanza City here: Pasiansi is in direction to the airport and Nyegezi is south/east and in the direction to Shinyanga out of Kenyatta Road.

I/we hope you will 'locate' the two villages with our humbe help.


Hans Kristoffersen
Mwanza Guide 'online'