Saturday, 17 April 2010

About The Mwanza Guide website


I am a student in New Zealand studying travel and tourism and had spent about an hour looking for prices for the ferry across Lake Victoria from Mwanza to Bukoba.

I came across your site which gave me accommodation and prices in Mwanza and lots of other information as well as the ferry prices and times.

Just wanted to say thank you so much for this fantastic website, it stands out as one of the best that I have seen and used.

Very easy to navigate.

Margaret Macaulay

Our comments:

Dear Margaret,

Thank you very much for your sweet words concerning our website. It's nice to have feed backs, suggestions, comments - and of cause positive views.

We have recently developed and uploaded our own group on Facebook:

Find it here: Mwanza Guide on Facebook.

It’s our hope, that the Facebook group/-page will be useful for visitors and friends of Mwanza.

Yours sincerely

Hans Kristoffersen
Mwanza Guide ‘online’

Friday, 2 April 2010

Nairobi - Mwanza by bus


My name is Laura and I am going to Mwanza for a cooperation project for three months. My friend and me are going by bus to Mwanza via Nairobi. Scandinavian express timetables have not been updated since 2005, so I am not very sure about the timetables. I do not really know neither which would be the best company to travel. Do you know if there is a day bus? or all buses to Mwanza leave at night?

I really appreciate if you can help me with this issues!

Thank you very much,


Answer from Mwanza's Q&A:

Dear Laura,

Thanks for your mail - concerning transport by bus from Nairobi.

Scandinavia Express is unfortunately out of business on the Nairobi - Mwanza Route - and has been for a number of years by now.

Another option is AKAMBA. Akamba's telephones are: +254 20 556062 / 553000 / 650834. Cell phones: +254 733 333659/+254 722 203753. Booking in advance is not possible, but call and ask how to book and procedures in relation to your travel.

Akamba is departing from Nairobi Central Bus Stand in the evening with arrival in Mwanza the next morning.

The duration is about 12 hours. You will cross the Kenyan/Tanzanian border at about 6 AM and you can have your Tanzanian visa issued here (50 US$ in cash - US$ 100 for American citizens).
NOTE: Bring a light blanket (+ a small pillow for your comfort) - it is cold in Kenya during nights.
NOTE 2: Busses for Mwanza are leaving Nairobi late in the evening and are crossing the border to Tanzania at first light. Travel by night in Tanzania is forbidden - that's why the busses are taking the 'Kenyan' part during the night.

By the way: Please check the new 'Budget' airline - they are offering a promotion fare on the Nairobi - Mwanza route at this moment: Check here.

Please mail us back - if you need further information.


Hans Kristoffersen
Mwanza Guide 'online'