Friday, 19 December 2008

Nairobi to Mwanza - by bus

Is Scandinavian still operating between Nairobi and Mwanza? I have been trying to find out the time table and how to make reservation, but with no luck.

Can you help me out, please?


Otherwise, I will probably look into Akamba, but the same question applies. It seems their site is down.



Dear Mr. Jhin,

Thanks for your mail - concerning transport by bus from Nairobi. Scandinavia Express out of business on the Nairobi - Mwanza Route.

Another option is AKAMBA. Akamba telephones are: +254 20 556062 / 553000 / 650834. Cell phones: +254733 333659/+254 722 203753.

Akamba is departing from Nairobi Central Bus Stand in the evening with arrival in Mwanza the next morning.

The duration is about 12 hours. You will cross the Kenyan/Tanzanian border at about 6 AM and you can have your Tanzanian visa issued here (50 US$ in cash - US$ 100 for American citizens).

NOTE: Bring a light blanket (+ a small pillow for your comfort) - it is cold in Kenya during nights.

Please mail us if you have further questions.

Regards Hans Kristoffersen
Mwanza Guide 'online'