Saturday, 29 November 2008

Nairobi to Mwanza


I intend to arrive in Nairobi early morning January 23.
It looks like there is a flight from Nairobi to Mwanza with Precision.
Any thoughts at your end if this is true and the price?

Or another airline on that route?

Will be heading back to Nairobi through Kilimanjaro for the return flight.


Warren Meek


Dear Warren,

Thanks a lot for your mail to Mwanza Guide’s Q&A.

There’s a one-stop flight (PW0722) from Nairobi to Mwanza January 23rd
(Friday) - at 11 AM with arrival in Mwanza at 1:20 PM.

Your return flight from Mwanza will, depending on the day, depart at 1:40
or 2:05 PM - with arrival at 4:30 PM in Nairobi with a stop in

The departure/arrival times are from the Summer Timetable. Please check
the Winter Timetable (when available) at: But the schedule will not
change many minutes - or at all.

The rate for a return flight use to be US$ 420 (Summer 2008), but check
the rates and book your flight direct at (Precision Air HQ in Dar es

+255 787 888408/9
+255 787 888417
+255 22 2168000

The only alternative is flying Kenya Airways to Dar es Salaam and from Dar es Salaam to Mwanza with Air Tanzania.

Yours sincerely

Hans Kristoffersen
Mwanza Guide ‘online’

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